Vietnamese Cashew Nuts are known around the world for its rich, aromatic flavor, rich nutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals needed for the body. So it is usually chosen as premium gifts and foods. Vietnam is now one of the main exporters of Cashew Nuts to Canada, USA, Japan, EU, China and Singapore,… with world highest tuenover.

MKPRO Co,. Ltd supplies quality Cashew Nuts in accordance with AFI and ISO / HACCP standards. All products are controlled and inspected by prestigious independent inspection companies in Vietnam such as SGS, Cafecontrol, Vinacontrol, … With various types and specifications of Cashew Nut products such as W180, W210, W240, W320, W450, WS, SW, DW, LP, SP, SK, BB, etc.

Grade Description Trade Name

Colour / Characteristics

Count/454 gms
size description
Max. Moisture Broken Max
W180 do do 140-180 5 %

10 %

W210 do do 190 -210 5 %

10 %

W240 do do 220-240 5 % 10 %
W320 do do 300-320 5 % 10 %
W450 do do 400-450 5 % 10 %
WS, DW do   White Split    
SW240, SW 320, LBW, SK1, DW do   Scorched, Lightly Blemished Wholes, Dessert Whole    
LP/LWP/SP1/SWP, SP do   Large Pieces, Small Pieces,    
BB do   Baby Bitts    

Specification: As per AFI standard

Payment: T/T or  L /C at sight 100%              Port of  loading : Hochiminh Port
Packing: Vacuum, flexi bag/ tin                      Container capacity:  700 Cartons / 20 FT (   14 MT – 15.876 MT )
Origin: Viet Nam                                                Supply ability: 1000   MT/Month